Angry Birds Cookbook Proves Fans Have Lost Their Minds

Have you been searching for a profoundly ridiculous way in which to express your undying love for the mobile app game Angry Birds? Who HASN'T, right? Well thank goodness someone has finally decided to take Angry Birds merchandising to the next level. Why settle for a lousy T-shirt or stuffed animal when you could be preparing dinner from your very own Angry Birds cookbook, after all?

Yes. As if it's not mind-shatteringly insane enough that there is reportedly an Angry Birds movie in the works, here comes the first in a line of cookbooks from the game's developer, Rovio.

It will be called, and mind you, I am not making this up ...


Bad Piggie's Egg Recipes.

I'm trying to think of a more unappetizing name for a cookbook, but all I can think of is the unintentionally-hilariously-titled Cooking With Pooh. (Presumably its "Yummy Tummy" recipes do not involve actual feces.)

If you're wondering just what the hell this Angry Birds business is, it's a super-addictive little game that involves slingshotting birds around in order to detonate evil green pigs. Sounds pretty silly, right? Well, for the love of all that is holy, do NOT install it on your phone, unless you want to send hours of your life swirling down a drain lined with snorting, laughing pigs.

It's become quite the runaway hit since it was released in 2009, having been downloaded more than 200 million times, and I suppose the merchandising was inevitable. Still, a cookbook? And not even a cookbook filled with things I want to actually cook, either -- Bad Piggie's Egg Recipes is set to feature foods like egg salad sandwiches (okay, I guess that's acceptable) and ... hurrrrk ... egg sushi (pardon me while I quietly BARF INTO MY CUPPED HANDS).

Presumably the next round of books will be filled with pig-related recipes, which I think would be a vast improvement. Just ... please, no pork sushi.

In even weirder Angry Birds-related news, Rovio is also planning to publish some textbooks for kids. These will be geared more towards the Finnish education system (Rovio is a Finnish company), which emphasizes play in learning, and the books are meant to teach kids about geometry and spatial reasoning. By illustrating the process of launching a bird through the air, of course.

Ah, a world where Mom is cooking up a delicious Angry Birds dinner while Junior dutifully studies his Angry Birds homework. It's a marketer's dream come true.

Okay, what do you think -- would you buy an Angry Birds cookbook?

Image via Rovio

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