Baseball Fans Who Hate the Wave Should Just Go Home

baseball fans doing the waveThere must not be enough things to get angry about in Texas, because a group of Rangers fans are all worked up about one of the silliest, most benign things you could possibly think of short of, oh I don't know, giggling babies. Seems they have taken issue with the wave. Yes, you know, that silly but time-honored game-time tradition of having sections of a stadium stand up with their arms in the air. The wave has been getting spirit flowin' and creating a cool visual effect for the cameras at live sporting events for 30 years! But the anti-wavers, led by one guy named Greg Holland, are annoyed by the spirited trend, because it's "distracting." And Holland himself is all wound up about it, because ONCE in 2009, his team gave up a late lead while the wave occurred all around the stadium.

Boo hooey hoo!

OMG, get this -- Holland even has a website called! Bhahaha. Really?!! They must have it pretty good if this is their HUGE cause! Oy!


What's even funnier is that they've even called the Rangers' front office complaining so many times that the Rangers themselves are in semi-support of the cause. And they run a warning on the Rangers scoreboard explaining that wavers can suffer muscle strains and recommending the wave be restricted to "pro football games and Miley Cyrus concerts." These eye-rollingly silly moves are totally self-defeating. Their animosity toward the wave just makes other fans want to do it even more. To that, I say, GOOD!

What is the big deal? If you don't like that other people do the wave at ballgames, don't GO, and watch on your big butt in front of your HD-TV (which you're bound to have, because you take "your sport" and "your team" soooooooo seriously). In fact, these people who are such Grinches about the whole thing don't really belong at games anyway. They're obviously missing the best parts of baseball -- a sense of tradition, community, and team spirit.

What do you think about the wave?


Image via Beth and Christian Bell/Flickr

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