6 Pro Athletes We'd Love to Have a Sleepover With

David BeckhamIf there was ever a good time to be a resident of the city of Boston, it's today. Chad Ochocinco is looking for a guide to Beantown, and he's not too picky. All the new receiver for the New England Patriots requires is a resident who can show him around. Oh yeah, and you have to be willing to share your pad for a few weeks. And your Internet. And your XBox.

Not a bad deal for an uber fan, huh? A chance to share your world with one of your heroes? I wouldn't mind a few weeks with Ochocinco; all his pranks (bull-riding, playing Major League Soccer) prove he'd be a lot of fun. But these guys might be the better picks for crashing at your pad:


Kris Humphries. You give the New Jersey Nets star a place to stay. He gives you an invite to his wedding to Kim Kardashian. Everybody wins!

David Beckham. The chances that he will walk around in his Armani underwear will forever outweigh how incredibly inadequate you will feel about the size of your thighs when he brings his wife over to meet his new roomie. Also? Chances to cuddle with Harper Seven.

Roger Federer. What are the chances the top-earning athlete would notice your bathroom could use a little renovation and just, I don't know, throw some money at it? Let's just say the tennis star is not the guy who gets relegated to sleeping on your crappy fold-out couch.

Troy Polamalu. Ok, so the Steelers safety may clog your drain with that fabulous hair. But he'll more than make up for it with the boxes and boxes of free styling products he brings to the house, and did you hear he MAKES furniture? Why yes, friends, come in and sit at my new dining room table. Did I mention it was handmade for me by my buddy Troy? He had to set down his Super Bowl ring to do it.

Nick Swisher. The Yankees outfielder may not have the All-American appeal of Captain Derek Jeter (or the fine behind), but who wants to hang with a guy who keeps it all polished, all the time? Swisher's got a reputation for bringing the fun to the fans, and he's got a huge heart for the little kids.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. If you're into NASCAR, you could do a lot worse than have the son of the sport's biggest legend hanging at your house. But what Dale really brings to the table is his particular love of some of the best things on earth: video games and beer.

What sports star has an open invite to crash at your crib?


Image via NathanF/Flickr

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