Homecoming Soldier Gives Family Surprise of Their Life at Baseball Game (VIDEO)

chris weichmanChris Weichman, an Air Force Sergeant, wanted to surprise his wife, Abby, and their 4-year-old twin daughters, Gracie and Ruby, when he returned home from his third tour of duty in Afghanistan. But he didn't want to give them any old surprise (I.E., show up at the house with flowers), he wanted to really surprise them. So he showed up at the last place they'd expect him.

The three girls were taking in a Minor League baseball game in their hometown of Spokane, Washington Monday. During the fourth inning, Abby and her daughters got to go down to the field so the twins could take part in a contest called The Spokesman-Review Newspaper Toss.

And then it happened.


Their father, who had just driven all the way from New Mexico, emerged from the dugout and greeted his family against the backdrop of a teary standing ovation from the crowd. And yes, there were flowers.

I've racked my brain forwards and backwards and have come to the conclusion that it simply isn't humanly possible for Chris to have picked a better place to surprise his wife and kids. I mean, a baseball game? That's probably the last place on earth they expected to find him. And, seriously, could it get any more American? An Air Force Sergeant, a ballgame. This scenario is a single slice of apple pie away from a Norman Rockwell picture.

Although it's America's favorite pastime, let's face it, baseball can get boring at times. But their long-standing tradition of supporting our servicemen and women -- especially with things like this -- makes every dull minute totally worth it.

Check out the reunion. How sweet is this?

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