Second Triathlete's Tragic Death Is as Strange as It Is Sad

hudson river 79th streetTragedy struck the New York City Nautica Triathlon this weekend not once but twice. One day after a 64-year-old man named Mike Kudryk died in the event, a second competitor, the mother of three young children -- aged 5, 8, and 10 -- from Chicago named Amy Martich, has passed away. During the swim portion of the event, Martich was pulled from the Hudson River and rushed to St. Luke's Hospital with what police said were "heart attack symptoms." She was pronounced dead there early yesterday morning. So terrible, so heart-wrenching ...

And, it must be noted, this is also very bizarre. Friends and family of Martich said the 40-year-old corporate executive was in the best shape of her life. She traveled for work, but would train on the road, and even get up early before business meetings to work out. Prior to the New York event, she had competed solo in the SheROX Naperville Triathlon outside of Chicago in June, finishing 324th out of 1,469 competitors.


A friend of Martich's, who is also the godmother to one of the athlete's daughters, Kerry Connelly, was quoted in the Chicago Tribune:

She was the strongest I've ever seen her. She had just a passion for being fit and healthy. It’s just so out of the blue.

Ugh, it just makes you wonder, "Why??" Truly, it doesn't make any sense at all what happened to Martich's very young, vibrant life. I can imagine it must feel to her family and friends as though it was stolen from her. Not only is what happened to her incredibly sad, but what almost makes it worse is the fact that we don't know what on earth happened here.

With hope, Martich's autopsy will reveal the details. Perhaps that can bring at least slight peace of mind to her loved ones.


Image via Bosc D'Anjou/Flickr

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