NFL Player Gives Wife Totally Corny, Totally Romantic Anniversary Gift (VIDEO)

justin forsettI've gotta come clean here. Although I'm a Jets fan, Justin Forsett, the running back for the Seattle Seahawks, just might be my new favorite player in the NFL. See, the 25-year-old player just celebrated his one-year wedding anniversary with his wife Angela, and let me tell you, the gift he gave her was tight.

No, he didn't get her paper, as (weird) tradition would dictate. And you're crazy if you think he bought her some flashy blingtastic earrings, as most baller athletes mindlessly tend to do. What he got her was so much more ...

He wrote her a song entitled "L.O.V.E." and made a music video for it that just might rival "D**k in a Box."


Okay, well, wait a second, before you rush down to play the video, there are a few things you should know. One, this video isn't meant to be a joke. And, two, it isn't really as funny as "D**k in a Box" (what is?). I think you'll see the similarities in the videos, though. The slow, pimp-like beat at the beginning. The opening shots. If you didn't know what you were about to watch, you just might expect to see Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg roll onto the scene in some rayon shirts and well-manicured facial hair, as I did.

Poking fun aside, though, I've gotta hand it to Justin. He is one sweet, romantic dude. I mean, this is totally not something I would want for my anniversary from my husband, as, well, I wouldn't be able to stop laughing at him. But this is actually really cute. And it's about as refreshing as a Skinnygirl Margarita on a hot summer night. It seems like we're always hearing about athletes cheating on their wives, getting arrested, etc. Justin is blazing new trail with his love-professing YouTube videos. He's like the Julio Iglesias of the NFL. And I like it. More players oughta take a page out of the book of Justin. Who cares if it's corny?

Check out the hilarious/romantic/silly/sweet video for yourself.

What do you think of Justin's video?


Image via YouTube

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