Trashy Fans Fight Over Foul Ball: Worse Than Bratty Kids (VIDEO)

foul ball fightThe current price of a foul ball hit by Tampa Bay Devil Rays shortstop Sean Rodriguez will probably put off the average fan. These days it's worth a punch in the nose. Or at least a box on the ears. Either way, the fight that broke out in the stands during a game against the A's is a good reminder of why I prefer watching little kids on the JumboTron.

The grown men in Tampa Bay were fighting over garbage. Literally. No knock on Rodriguez, but his foul liner blasted past first base and straight into a giant can of trash.


You don't have to spend time in Tampa to guess at what was lying in wait for them. I'm betting warmed over beer. Hot dog bits and relish slime. Used napkins. Used tissues. Tobacco spit cups. You getting the picture? These dudes were desperate. And they actually came to blows over the chance to dumpster dive:

Guys! Guys! It's just a game! I mean, catching a foul ball is all kinds of awesome. But you don't have to lose your dignity to take home a trophy. Remember the Arizona Diamondbacks fan named Ian who got hold of a ball from Brewers' second baseman Rickie Weeks last month? Who realized a little boy named Nicholas was Weeks' intended target? Ian spotted Nicholas getting a little weepy over missing the ball, and he walked his LITTLE KID butt over to Nicholas and handed over his prize.

Pure class. That's someone who can appreciate the game and what it means to have a good time at a ballpark. Kind of like the kid who was handed a ball by his favorite Red Sox player and then burst into tears, because he knew what it meant. Kids may act like, well, kids, but the beauty of childhood is that they're still wrapped up in the experience. Just taking a kid to a game is enough. They don't need to knock someone out for a beer- and relish-covered ball.

These guys could use a lesson in valuing the experience over the material goods, don't you think? Would you rather see a kid with a ball at a game?


Image via YouTube

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