ESPN's Michelle Beadle Acts Like a Horny Guy & the Sports World Goes Nuts

michelle beadle espnSports reporter and host for ESPN Michelle Beadle appears to be in hot water for comments she may or may not have said when celebrating after the ESPY Awards a couple of weeks ago. Yes, she admits she was party-hopping all around L.A. What's hazier, though, is whether or not she put the moves on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rumor has it that she acted super inappropriately, blurting out, "I just wanna get f----ed!" in his presence, and she was also accused of being drunk and using drugs that night. When these rumors got back to her boss, Vice President of Content Integration and Strategic Planning Marcia Keegan, Beadle got reprimanded about the whole thing.

Now, Beadle's angry. And you know what? She has every right to be.


First off, it's very possible that she didn't act inappropriately at all. Beadle says everything Marcia heard was "absolutely not true."

Being a woman, an attractive woman at that, has had to have set her up for all kinds of petty rumors and lies from the day she first became successful. Of course, if she's gotten all the way to the top at ESPN, it must be because she's a drugged-out whore, right? UGH.

But you know, I wouldn't even care if there was some truth to these rumors. Maybe she did say she wanted to get effed! So what? But I'm sure that men in Beadle's position have acted inappropriately in similar situations, and NEVER been called out for it, never been "tattled on" by co-workers or admonished by their higher-ups. Sometimes, I really think women have made progress in the sports world ... and other times, it seems like it's a boys' club that's still living in the dark ages. In Michelle's case, it really feels like the latter. Just because she's one of the only women braving that boys' club doesn't mean she deserves to have her reputation attacked like this.

What do you think about the Michelle Beadle rumors?


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