Do You Love Your Computer So Much You'd Wear It?

apple t-shirtI feel like it was just yesterday that I was playing with our first-ever Macintosh computer. It looked link a massive box made of gray plastic, had a small screen, an industrial-sized mouse, and lackluster graphics. Today, though, everything's different. I'm head-over-heels for every inch of my MacBook Pro, feel as though I'm missing a limb if my iPhone isn't in sight. Oh, and I have a computer that I can wear too.

I know what you're thinking: A wearable computer? No, I'm not toting my laptop around strapped to my back. But believe it or not, computers we can wear are all around us.


OK, let's clear this up, shall we? "Wearable computers" have computer-like qualities, but are much more portable. Often, they come in the form of bracelets or watches, and are meant to supplement your home computer or laptop. The term "wearable computer" is just a way to categorize some of the newest techy swag on the market.

Mine is a smartwatch made by Nike. To be honest, I can't imagine life without it. Called the Nike Sportband, I snap it on when I go running. The band picks up signals from a small microchip that slips into my sneaker and tracks my pace, distance, elevations, and total calories burned. Afterward, I plug it into my computer and look at my stats, and then compare them to those from previous runs. Pretty nifty, right?

Wearable computers like my Sportband are meant to bring technology to us when we're on the go. And in this iEra we live in, it makes sense. Those who believe there are too many gadgets in the world today just don't see the functionality of it all. Soon, they'll have a Looxcie 2, a small camera the size of a Bluetooth headset that can record 10 hours of footage, or a Jawbone Up health monitor, which tracks daily activity including eating and sleeping. And I'll bet this: They'll love their wearable computers as much as I love mine!

Do you wear a computer without even knowing it?


Image via scottjacksonx/ Flickr

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