Alton Brown Experiences the Dark Side of Twitter

alton brownSome things just aren't meant to be -- for example, Alton Brown on Twitter.

The food personality and Good Eats host has had difficulties with the social media site ever since he joined earlier this year. In response to the fact that Brown would regularly post a bunch of tweets only to delete them en masse a few hours later, Twitter account @GoodRetweets began auto-retweeting his feed last month -- purportedly to keep track of them all for his fans. Turns out this was the quickest way to piss Brown off, and he refused to continue tweeting until @GoodRetweets stopped (which they did).

This week Brown experienced yet another downside of being a celebrity on Twitter -- shameless, annoying trolls. Unfortunately, this incident didn't end so well for him -- or us for that matter.


Here's what happened:

A troll created a fake user posing as Brown's wife -- even using a photo of Brown's family as the avatar! -- and started tweeting. Unfortunately, the fake account, @deannabrowneats, has been deleted, so we don't know what the troll tweeted. However, we are well aware of Brown's livid response. He tweeted three times, the last one being: "you know what ... I'm going to leave twitter to sick, low life, scumbags like you. It's all yours, psychopath." (See the rest of Brown's angry tweets to the troll at Eater National.)

That's right. You read it correctly. Alton Brown was so upset by the incident that he has left Twitter and deleted his account. Apparently, because of some stupid troll, the rest of us fans have to suffer. Here's Brown on his blog defending his decision to leave:

The way I see it, Twitter is like a big cocktail party. If I was at a cocktail party and someone puked on my wife’s shoes, odds are excellent that we’d leave. Does that mean I won’t attend any more cocktail parties? Maybe not. Maybe I’ll just have to figure out a way to host my own cocktail parties where people have to actually be accountable for their behavior.

Well said. Even though some fans will think Brown is being too sensitive, it's yet another reminder that even though Twitter can be fun, it should be used respectfully and with care.


Image via Food Network

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