Stephen Colbert Helps the MLB Make Baseball Less Boring

MLB TwitterAs sports go, Major League Baseball is rather dry. Hey, I'm a fan, I can admit it. We don't have the constant up and down the court action of basketball or the spectacularly disastrous wrecks of NASCAR. It's a slow game. But today, fellow devotees of the diamond, the MLB has something better. We have Stephen Colbert.


The funnyman beat the MLB at its own game, Beat the Streak, a few weeks back to gain control of the traditionally fact-heavy (read: boooooooring) official MLB Twitter feed for a whole day. In case you're not getting what a big deal this is, in the Twitterverse, there are the folks you follow because you know them (your bestie, your college crush). There are the folks you follow because you really are a fan (Yankees' outfielder Nick Swisher, hello!). And then there's Colbert. Who has 2.5 million fans on his regular @StephenAtHome account because he's straight-up hilarious.

Here's just a taste of how he's stirred up the league, any and all of which you may share with those football fans next time they tell you baseball's boring:

Pro Tip: If you're taken out to the ballgame, you don't need peanuts AND crackerjacks. The crackerjacks already have peanuts. #Colbert

Well that's it! Might as well skip the singing during the seventh inning stretch and use the break to stretch your legs. And get one last beer before they shut down the booze sales.

SCORE UPDATE! Seattle Salamanders 7, Albuquerque Balloons, aught. Also, it's Toss Your Trash On The Field Day at all stadiums! #Colbert

Advice to the fans -- do not try this at an actual stadium. At least not if you want to see the final out?

Am I the only person who thought @MLB was the twitter handle of Matt LeBlanc? #Colbert

Aww, look, someone remembers who Matt LeBlanc is! Hopefully they don't remember that awful baseball movie with the monkey ... 

Will you be keeping up with Colbert's spin on baseball today? He'll keep throwing out the funny until midnight!


Image via Twitter

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