Katy Perry's Most Surprising Demand on Tour

katy perryBy now we're completely used to recording artists and entertainers having ridiculous diva-ish demands on tour. Jennifer Lopez is famous (infamous?) for requesting three types of Coke (diet, regular, and caffeine-free regular), two humidifiers, and white flowers everywhere. Cher demands a "Wig Room." And Katy Perry? Well, just wait until you see what she specifies in her hotel rider whilst on tour ...


Any hotel that Katy Perry stays in on her current "Teenage Dream" tour must have: FREE WI-FI.

Wait a minute, free Wi-Fi?!?! Does that mean Perry -- despite being so successful -- is actually worried about having to pay for something so basic as Internet access?

See, that's exactly why I love Katy Perry so much. Her "demands" are practical and down-to-earth much like she appears to be. Of course, I find it hard to believe that she would ever stay in a hotel that wouldn't offer such a simple service -- especially because she typically requests only 5-star properties as well as 51 rooms for her entourage (hmmm, maybe I spoke too soon with that "practical" comment).

Still, it's refreshing to know that Katy Perry isn't so different from the rest of us: Regardless of how many millions she rakes in, she doesn't like paying for things -- like Wi-Fi at hotels -- that should be free.

Do you think Katy Perry is a diva for requesting free Wi-Fi on tour?


Image via Lunchbox LP/Flickr

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