Kid Announcer Shows Mets Fans How to REALLY Call a Game (VIDEO)

jacob resnickSometimes it's hard to tell whether baseball announcers are "really" that excited about a play or just really good at their jobs. I'd like to think it's the former, but when you say the same exact things day after day, it has to get old. Which is why a little boy who took the mic when Mets shortstop Jose Reyes stood up to the plate this week against the Florida Marlins is making such big news.

Jacob Resnick is just 11, and he's by no means a professional. He just happened to win SNY's third annual KidCaster contest, earning a spot in the booth with well-known Mets announcers Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling. That's where he totally schooled them.


His poise is the marker of a star in the making. Even the average adult couldn't get through that without stuttering and stammering. Ever listened to a guest on your local radio station who called in to talk up a local event? Sometimes you have to spin the dial because all the "ums," "yeahs," and "uhs" are just too painful. Resnick's poise is remarkable for a newbie, and an 11-year-old one at that, as he dives into the statistics to give Reyes' homer context. 

But it's his pure excitement that really makes it. He's a real fan -- which his KidCaster contest entry essay proved (he took the players from the 1986 World Series winning Amazin' Mets team and compared them to today's players) -- and the rare chance to call a homer for his favorite player on his favorite team comes through in a performance that was as sincere as it was spot on. He didn't just win a contest. He won the experience of a lifetime, and he worked it for all it was worth.

That's what I want to hear when I'm listening to a game. How about you?

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