'Cosmo for Guys' iPad App Is Pure Deception

cosmo for guys ipad appSomething every straight guy has NOT been waiting for is about to become a reality: CFG: Cosmo for Guys. Yay? It'll be on the iPad exclusively, which editor-in-chief Kate White thinks is a winning strategy, because if guys are embarrassed, they can read the publication more discreetly on their tablet. Make it look like they're actually playing Angry Birds or checking Facebook, when in reality, they're mentally filing away sex tips for helping their woman have a multi-O.

Why do I have a feeling the staff over at Details and GQ and especially Maxim are snickering to themselves right now? 

Although I can see where White's coming from with her desire to make a male version of the classic sex-and-beauty bible, I'm seeing this more as an idea that should have always remained hypothetical.


I mean, could you see your husband or boyfriend or any other man (straight OR gay!) you know spending $1.99 per issue, $3.99 per month, or $19.99 per year on this? When there are a plethora of mags devoted exclusively to them? Suuuure, Kate cites data that more than one-third of visitors to Cosmo.com every month are men, and I believe it! But that's FREE. And I say it's tied to passing curiosity, which can be instantly fulfilled with a quick scroll-through. There's a BIG difference between that kind of passing interest and actually plunking down dough to get a Cosmo-ish fix. 

Apparently, the thought process behind CFG also had to do with the fact that guys have confessed to Kate all the time that they love Cosmo, because it's like "having the other team's playbook." But how many of us actually follow the "rules" that regular, chick Cosmo gives us? Like using a thong as a hair tie? B*tches, plzzz.

So, if that's the case, then the new Cosmo for Guys is going to be just as misleading for men. And that's a shame, since if anything, the mag will appeal to guys who are total, sociophobic geeks (especially because it's on the iPad only). You know, ones who are still 13-year-olds at heart, who haven't matured emotionally enough to communicate with REAL women on what they think or what they want in bed. Think 40-Year-Old Virgin. It's sad, but true. And when they're taking their love advice from a silly magazine that's led women astray for decades, they'll be even more screwed.

See, CFG may have looked good on paper. But on the iPad, and in reality, it's a goner.

Do you think your guy would read CFG on the iPad?

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