Free Smartphones Are a Plot to Make Us Forget Failed Google+

google free phone nexus sGoogle is on fire today, people! And what makes this day different than any other day? Well, for one, if you go into a Best Buy today by midnight, you can pick up a free brand new Nexus S smartphone. All you have to do is sign your life away to AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint. And if you're in the UK? You now have access to Google Voice! Go, Google, go, Google.

I don't even need a new smartphone, and I'm tempted to go into Best Buy just for the joy of getting a free phone. These suckers usually retail for between $529.99 and $699.99. A $700 phone, really? If I were an Android user, no one could stop me from racing down to the BB and screaming, "Google, give me my free phone!!!"

Of course, it's not really free (long-term contracts aside), as we've all already paid Google in other ways.


That's right, by signing up for Google+ right away and expecting it to change our social media lives. How many hours have I spent building my circles and debating over who goes in "friend" and who goes in "professional"? What about "professional friends"? Where do they go? As I'm sure there are some people who are equally interested in what I'm writing about and what my kids are saying. Which is to say, moderately interested in both.

Although it's not exactly as if this matters, because as of yet, Google+ has not shown its worth. Perhaps this free phone business is all a ploy to get us to stop talking about the massive failure of one of Google's biggest launches to date. If so, it's working! Free phone at Best Buy! Free phone at Best Buy!

Are you getting your free Nexus S today?


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