'New Twitter' Won't Kill You, We Promise (VIDEO)

new twitterIt's been almost a year since I first saw the little banner pop up on my Twitter page, asking me if I wanted to make the big switch from "old Twitter" to "new Twitter." At first, I was resilient. Call me old-fashioned, but why would I want to mess with something that works, for the most part, perfectly fine? But my curiosity got to me, and after about 10 log-ins, I caved.

If you have more will power than I, then I applaud you. Really, that bright yellow banner just started to bug me! However, the time has come to embrace the change. Twitter announced yesterday (via their feed, of course) that by the end of this week, all accounts will operate on the new system.

In other words, old Twitter will die.


Before you start worrying, don't. New Twitter really is better. And you still get all of your 140 characters to work with, I promise! In fact, you'll hardly be able to tell the difference.

There are 3 major updates you can expect from the new Twitter:

1. A new design. Yes, you'll still be able to pick your page's colors, backgrounds, and the like. But the way things are laid out will change and become more streamlined. Looking for where your @mentions and retweets went? Don't fret! They're right above your timeline, next to lists and recent searches.

2. Mini profiles. Did one of your friends tag someone in a tweet you want to know more about? By clicking their username, you can get a preview of a mini profile without navigating away from your timeline. In said profile, which shows up to the right of your feed, you'll see bio and account info, as well as their most recent tweets -- unless their account is private, that is.

3. No more clicking off. With the new system, you can look at embedded photos and videos without leaving the site. Thank goodness! I get so lost with all those extra windows open. This is totes my favorite of all the newbies.

See? These changes are all about functionality! That's what makes things easier, and ease is something I'll embrace with open arms when it comes to the interwebs. Check out new Twitter in action for yourself, here:

Are you sad to see "old Twitter" go? Have you tried "new Twitter"?


Image via Twitter

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