NBA Star Kevin Durant Even Wins When He's Losing (VIDEO)

Kevin DurantThe way most of the web tells it, it's the viral video of Oklahoma City Thunder shooting guard Kevin Durant rocking Harlem's famous Rucker Park with 66 points on Monday night that proves he's got star power. They're only half right. It's what Durant has done in the 36 hours since that should make Thunder's front office happy to have him locked in for four more years.

He's been talking about John Lucas III. The Bulls guard outshined Durant in Tuesday's Pro-City Game at Baruch College, putting up 60 points to Durant's 41. Playing against Durant's team, Lucas was 22-for-41 from the field, 10-of-11 from the free-throw line, with 6-of-19 three-pointers and four assists. Durant's team may have won, but Lucas rocked him. And Durant not only knows it, he's been pushing the press to spread the word:


Should be broadcasted by everybody. Everybody should know. The way he played was unbelievable. He got it easier tonight than I got it last night. He had a hell of a game.

In the dog-eat-dog world of professional sports, you don't hear a guy talking like that often. Definitely not when he's just been schooled by a dude who is technically his competition during the regular season. And not when he's the talk of the town. Durant was quite literally pushing his own spectacular moment out of the spotlight.

If that's not the definition of a team player, I don't know what is. He's showing he appreciates the value of what other people can bring to a team. And he's showing he doesn't expect to be showered with attention like certain other NBA players (cough, LeBron, cough). And with a none-too-shabby 41 points, Durant proved he himself doesn't crack under pressure.

I'd love to have this guy on my team, how about you? Check him out as he puts up four straight tres at Rucker Park -- that may sway you:

Image via YouTube

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