Randy Moss 'Retirement' Is a Big, Fat Lie

Football player and future hall of famer Randy Moss who played wide receiver for the New England Patriots, the Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans and more announced his plans to "retire" from football on August 1. But for many in the know, it is clear this is all one big fat lie.

It is rumored that Moss was offered a couple one-year deals, but turned them down. Who could blame him? The heavily incentive-laden one year deal is notoriously bad and a slap in the face for Moss who is one of the best wide receivers in history.

Put it this way: Plaxico Burress managed to get a one year deal after two years of prison time. Moss may say he is retiring, but in a few months, many are betting he will be on the field again. Here are a few reasons:


  • He’s not that old: He is only 34 and should have plenty left in the tank. Moss is likely to be the second best wide receiver behind Jerry Rice who played until he was well into his 40's.
  • His agent said he was in “freakish shape": Just last month after doing two a days workouts, his agent Joel Segal said: "He’s going to be Randy Moss — a difference maker.” How did it change so quickly? That was less than a month ago. Now he will be Randy Moss: old man sitting on his lawn chair sipping a pina colada? I doubt it.
  • He wants a multi year deal: Former teammate and NFL personality Cris Carter hinted that Randy Moss was offered a one-year deal by the New England Patriots and that he turned it down in order to get a more extensive one. Why would a guy who wanted a multi-year deal suddenly retire? He is trying to force a team to give him one.
  • He wants to skip training camp: For a seasoned veteran, the worst part of football season is training camp with its hot drills and tedious work. Veteran players want to compete, not waste time at training camp.
  • He doesn't want to be in the same NFL Class as Brett Favre: If Moss retires now, he will eligible for Hall of Fame at the same time as Favre. We all know (including Moss) what an emotional debacle that speech will be. Moss would be a fool to want to be in the same class. He is way too smart for that.

Mark my words: He will play again!

Do you think he is retiring?

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