Man Who Programmed Computer to Officiate Wedding Is a Big Geek (VIDEO)

wedding officiated by computerOh, dear. I'm all about technology being useful, but when a computer is officiating your wedding ceremony, I feel like it's gone too far! That's exactly what happened in a Houston wedding this weekend. Two self-confessed geeks-for-life, Miguel Hanson, a web developer and IT consultant, and his bride, Diana Wesley, a high school sign language teacher, actually MET on a dating site called Sweet on Geeks. (No kidding.) And being that they both love science fiction, fantasy, and being big nerds (their wedding cake was even made with Nerds -- the candy -- I KNOW), they figured having a computer officiate the ceremony would be perfectly in line with the theme of their "geeked out wedding."

Hanson actually programmed a computer to preside over their "I do"s. It literally became a virtual minister, which Hanson named "Rev. Bit."


Speaking from a 30-inch monitor and reciting lines Hanson wrote himself, Rev. Bit looked like something out of 1983's War Games starring Matthew Broderick. And it sounds like Dr. Stephen Hawking. Eeek!! Come on now. I've been to weddings where the minister or priest or rabbi was REALLY annoying, but this takes the Nerds wedding cake!!!

Interestingly enough, the "virtual minister" seemed to have a sense of humor. He told the 30 wedding guests in Hanson's parents' backyard:

If anyone here has anything to say that might change their minds or has any objections, they do not want to hear it and I will not recognize your objections since Miguel has programmed me to only recognize his commands.

Hilaaaaaarious. Sort of. I mean, more power to this couple, because this suited them and their personalities. But this better not be something that catches on, you know? Like, is the iPhone going to start selling a wedding-officiating app? Will Facebook and Google+ each vie to perform virtual ceremonies? Nooooooooo! Agh.

Thankfully, being wed by a "virtual minister" is mostly for show. In other words, it's not legally binding, so these two mega-geeks had to deal with a human justice of the peace and do some real paperwork. Whew! There is still hope for real people to trump robots.

Here's a video with some clips from the ceremony ...

What do you think about this "virtual minister"?

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