NFL Star Brandon Marshall Makes Amazing Sacrifice for Love (VIDEO)

Brandon MarshallIt's the old story. Boy meets girl. Boy has borderline personality disorder and pisses off girl. Girl stabs boy in the stomach. Only when boy happens to be Brandon Marshall, wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, the stabbing makes national news.

And now Marshall is casting off the shroud of secrecy that surrounds the battle with mental illness in this country to give wife Michi Nogami-Marshall a break from the intense scrutiny that comes with that kind of coverage. He's admitted his disease, one that afflicts at least 1.6 percent of the American population, so that people will finally leave Michi alone. That's what separates this boy from the men so to speak.


When the stabbing occurred back in April, Marshall himself lied to protect his wife. He claimed he fell on some glass. But Michi came clean, saying she used the knife on him in self defense. The result was police charges that were eventually dropped, but she's been haunted by suspicion ever since.

But Michi has shown true love for the troubled Brandon through four years of his battle with BPD, a condition marked by intense bouts of anger, depression, anxiety, episodes of impulsive aggression, self-injury, and drug or alcohol abuse. And in a mark of true love, he's come out to clear her good name -- to explain that she really was defending herself from his BPD-fueled actions -- even as it marks his.

In the NFL, showing weakness is not an option. It's a competitive game -- especially in the post-lockout scramble for contracts. It's a game that's all about brute strength. And burly manly men tackling one another in really tight pants. It's all that that makes Brandon Marshall such an inspiration today.

He's an inspiration for people who suffer in silence about their mental illness, afraid that they will lose the respect of their bosses, their neighbors, their families. He's an inspiration because he's working with doctors to address his condition rather than pushing it aside because he's too embarrassed or too scared to address it. He's an inspiration because he realizes that the people who stand by us at our roughest can't be taken for granted, that they need to be nurtured even as they nurture us.

Watch this video of Marshall explaining his battle with BPD and tell us -- do you find him inspiring today? Will you be following his career with the Dolphins this season?

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