Soldiers Get PTSD Relief From an Unlikely Resource

ptsd coachIn my mind, there's nothing more important than giving veterans the tools they need to readjust back into everyday life after a tough deployment. After seeing my boyfriend return safely from Afghanistan this past December, I tried my best to give him the support he needed to get back into the swing of things. But the tough reality is that no matter how supportive we all are, we can't prevent scary flashbacks, nightmares, or other symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Which is why I'm more than thankful for the new free app called PTSD Coach.

It's crazy to think that you can get help for mental health via smartphone, isn't it? But really it's a brilliant idea! While a lot of servicemen and women seek care through local veterans'  hospitals, getting there while caring for a family or balancing a full-time job isn't always convenient. PTSD Coach brings some of that aid right to their pockets.

If you ask me, this is exactly what our men and women in uniform deserve.


PTSD Coach is a joint effort by the Pentagon and the Department of Veterans' Affairs. Available for various smartphones and tablets, the app helps vets to self-assess their symptoms, aids them in creating a phone list of people to call when they need help, and gives easy-to-follow instructions of how to calm down during a panic attack or if they become overwhelmed.

As the significant other of someone in the military, I know how it feels to wish I could say I understand what our soldiers have been through, even though I really don't. I wasn't there during the long patrols in 120-degree heat touting more than 50 pounds of gear. I wasn't in the midst of enemy fire. However, there are other people who have been through it, that do understand, and now they're just a click and drag away.

Admittedly, some veterans don't want to admit they're struggling. That's exactly why the anonymity of this app makes it even better. In the comfort of their own home, or wherever they may be, our soldiers can use this safe service to get some mental health care, on their own terms. No talking it out necessary, unless you want to. And in the case of an emergency, the app has the National Suicide Prevention Hot-line on speed dial, as well.

The families provide a loving foundation for our veterans upon their return. I'm thankful that there are resources, like PTSD Coach, to help them with the rest.

Would you encourage your soldier to download PTSD Coach?


Image via PTSD Coach

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