Red Sox Pitcher Josh Beckett Makes Kid Cry & We Love Him for It (VIDEO)

Dylan Sylvia There's not much that can top catching a ball in a Major League ballpark. Unless, of course, Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett walks right up to you and HANDS you a ball. Your hand in his. Your ball forever. It's no wonder the way young Sox fan Dylan Sylvia reacted has created a bit of a buzz in Beantown. It was just kind of ... well, weird.


When Beckett spotted the pint-sized Sylvia with a small gadget (cellphone perhaps?) taking pictures from the front row during pre-game warmups, the pitcher walked straight up to him to hand over a ball. Aww! What a nice guy! But then Sylvia burst into tears. Erm, oops?

Not exactly the reaction Beckett was expecting? Not exactly the reaction from most fans. But possibly the most genuine sign of fanship ever. Take a look:

Did you just tear up a tad bit? With sympathy? Happiness? Beckett is apparently Sylvia's favorite player, and the boy was just so shocked that he'd had a one-on-one interaction with a World Series MVP that he didn't know how to react. Nestling in Dad's lap seemed about right.

Compare that to the fans who hoot and holler, and I'll take the tears. Don't get me wrong, I understand celebrating when you get a ball. That's half the fun, trying to get on the JumboTron. But celebrating can turn to smugness quickly, and no one's having fun when the jerk who got the ball is rubbing it in everyone's face. That's when you start to wonder whether he "got" what the experience is all about or if he just wanted to show everyone up with how awesome he is.

But it's clear what Dylan Sylvia was feeling in the stands at Fenway. He felt like the luckiest kid alive. And in that moment, he probably was.

Did this crazy reaction make your day?


Image via YouTube

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