Baseball Player Can't Handle Praying Mantis Attack (VIDEO)

logan morrison praying mantisOf all athletes, baseball players seem the least rough and scary, you know? For the most part -- maybe it has something to do with the fun, spirited nature of the game -- they seem like athletic, but amicable guys who I wouldn't mind hanging out with to watch Friends re-runs or something. But they're still athletes, who we expect to be tough MEN! Not wimpy little boys who can't handle something as benign as, say ... a praying mantis? But get a big bad green bug on a baseball player, and you'll see, they are perfectly capable of freaking out little girl-style!

Take Florida Marlins' Logan Morrison, who suffered a major bug scare at last night’s game against the Washington Nationals. While just chillin' in the dugout, a praying mantis came out of nowhere to latch itself onto Morrison's back, and the outfielder TWEAKED OUT! Hilarity ensued. 


Check it out:

Bhahahaha! I love hearing the announcer CRACK UP. I mean, yeah, it's kinda mean to laugh at the guy's expense, but whatever. It's not every day you see a ballplayer freak out over something as downright silly as this. I say it was a once in a summer opportunity to point and laugh. I am!

Are you?

Image via YouTube

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