iPhone 5 Is Brainwashing Consumers

iphone casesThe cellphone that changed cellphones forever, the iPhone, is probably ... most likely ... alright, almost DEFINITELY going to be updated in the next couple of months. I can just feel it! Okay, and there's also the fact that the rumor mill has been spinning on extra-high lately. The latest news is that there are newly-designed phone cases floating around that have consumers guessing what the iPhone 5, as it's being called, will look like -- possibly thinner than the current iPhone 4 and back to the old curved back look (like the 3GS), which I'm a fan of.

But here's the truth, people: We're not going to know much about much until it's actually in our hands (hopefully by late August or mid-September). And here's some more truth: A recent survey said 35 percent of us already want this iPhone 5 sight unseen!


I admit it -- I'm in that 35 percent! I'm even in the 7 percent that will want it the week it comes out. I know, it makes me look like I have total blind faith in the brand, and maybe even that I'm a little "brainwashed" by Apple, right?

But that's totally NOT IT! At this point, that 35 percent just knows what they can expect from Apple in an upcoming iPhone, rumors or not. We know it's going to be an improvement on the last one. We know we love our current one, or maybe there are some people in that group who have another crappy smartphone or never had a smartphone (like my boyfriend with his silly Samsung flip-phone that looks like an artifact from 2002) and know that with the iPhone 5, it is time to UPGRADE.

Apple's proven that they can deliver again and again, so to some of us, it's like signing up for a magazine subscription. You know what to expect, so you're "in" before you've even seen the next "issue," so to speak. And if that's blind faith, whatever, I'm down with it. There's no doubt that come the release of the iPhone 5, we 35 percent will be the kids with the coolest phone in town.

Are you in the 35 percent who plan to buy the iPhone 5 when it hits the market?

Image via Incase/Flickr

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