Woman Posts Most Desperate Craigslist Plea Ever

craigslistCraigslist isn't just for pervs and people selling electronics anymore, everyone! Nope. Being that navigating the health care system has become such a big damn stupid maze in this country, the scuzzy, free listings website is also a place where people go trolling for ... internal organs. Sigh. This story is actually pretty sad.

A 28-year-old Florida woman named Selina Hodge was born with spina bifida and she has been on dialysis for failing kidneys for three years. She spends nine hours a day hooked up to a dialysis machine, and she's been on a donor waiting list for a new kidney since September. But -- no surprise here -- the average wait for a new kidney is about three years. 


So, since Hodge had been having so much trouble getting the kidney she so desperately needed, her mother suggested she post a plea for one on her fave listings site, Craigslist. She did -- twice, and her most recent post entitled Young Female Needs Kidney garnered over 300 responses. Some of the emails were offers of help, others prayers. Hopefully, the ad will help Hodge land a suitable transplant.

Although her story seems a bit "out there," it's not exactly surprising. Nor is Hodge alone. Another woman named Beatriz has posted on the site, looking for someone to help her find a new kidney for her aunt.

It really makes you stop and think that maybe these two women are bringing our attention to a couple of things. For one, what does it say about our country that American women have to resort to posting on the Internet to get the organ they need to live a healthy, full life? (That's obviously a very hairy Q.) And two, maybe the fact that they went onto Craigslist shows we need more web resources for people to network and share health care needs. Not sure if there's anything like that yet, but being that these women went on Craigslist instead, any sites that exist like that aren't as well-known or accessible as they should be.

The bottom line: Maybe this should serve as an eye-opener to sites like WebMD or health care providers to help their users/patients better harness the power of the web to get the care they deserve. Because I still think Craigslist is far too shady a place to find a kidney!

What do you think about Selina Hodge's story? 


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