We Tried Facebook 'Batting' Fad and Failed (PHOTOS)

battingSigh, Facebook crazes these days, they're a dime a dozen. Planking, owling, lounging ... I can't keep them all straight anymore. Surprise surprise: There's a new one, as I assume there will be every week until my children's children have children and no one's even using Facebook anymore. Meet batting. It doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out: Simply pull your best Bartok (Anastasia, anyone?!), hang upside down, and snap a quick shot. You know -- like a bat.

Hmmm, I'm intrigued. You see, batting actually requires some muscle engagement. Abs, quads, legs, the whole nine yards. See that guy to the right? That takes some serious skill! So I know what I have to do: Attempt this to prove to myself I'm physically fit. Yes, that's it. And what better place to attempt batting than in my office? (Read: I'm really hard at work.)

Welp. Here goes nothing:


First, I had to warm up:

As you can see, stretching here is critical. Batting requires a lot of leg strength. But in order to get into the proper bat position, I need to use my arms too. The one-pound weight we have here works wonders.

Figuring hanging from the bookshelf was a tad bit dangerous, I enlisted these gracious lifters:


You know you have a great job when your coworkers are willing to give you a lift when you need one.

And then we strategized:


The plan: For me to do some sort of half handstand carefully, in an effort not to kick anyone in the face, and then they would lift. Here goes nothing:


Squeeeee, that looks awkward. Mission to avoid decapitating one of the other girls: Success. I quickly realized that if I were to dangle and actually remove my hands from the floor, I would be knocked unconscious. Because we're all about safety here at The Stir, I went for a modified bat instead:


I did it! Good ol' office chair.

Obviously, I would never actually try batting in a dangerous setting. But, well, not everyone can be as street smart as I. Take a look at the fad's website, DotheBat.com, for some serious batters.

What do you think of batting?

Images via DotheBat.com, Emily Abbate

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