5 of the Longest Games in Sports History

atlanta bravesI'm not a Pirates fan, but if I were, hoooo, I'd be pissed today. That jank call umpire Jerry Meals made in the nineteenth inning that cost them the game against the Atlanta Braves? That was some stuff right there. My theory? He was just tired after sitting through 19 innings of baseball and wanted to go home. And can you blame him? He'd probably still be there if he didn't make the call.

If I were at that game, I probably wouldn't be writing this because I would have killed myself. Sports are great and all, but when the games last extra long -- especially when the game is baseball -- there's really nothing worse.

And that, my friends, was my mediocre segue into this here list of the five longest games in sports history. Nineteen innings is looking like a dream right about now.


The Pawtucket Red Socks vs. The Rochester Red Wings. On April 18, 1981, these two minor league teams started playing the game at 7:00 p.m. Know when it ended? 4:07 a.m. The game lasted 32 innings. That's almost like watching last night's Braves game twice! The game was actually stopped because, well, 32 innings is one thing, but 33 is just ridiculous. It was actually resumed two months later, where it only took the Sox one measly inning to win the game.

The Rochester Royals vs. The Indianapolis Olympians. What is it with Rochester sports teams? In 1951, these two teams squared off against each other on the basketball court, and the result was 78 grueling minutes of overtime. That's the same length as two extra games. It may sound like a dream to some, but to this gal, it's a living, bouncing hell.

The Detroit Red Wings vs. The Montreal Maroons. The year: 1936. The length of the game: 176 minutes. The feeling I get knowing I'll never have to watch it: Priceless.

The Kansas City Chiefs vs. The Miami Dolphins. On Christmas Day in 1971, history was made when these two teams played the longest NFL game ever. Lasting for 82 minutes and 40 seconds, it's only seven minutes longer than any other NFL game ever played. Seven minutes may not seem like a lot, but when you're freezing your ass off, waiting to open presents, it is.

Nicolas Mahut vs. John Isner. At the 2010 Wimbledon, Mahut and Isner played each other in their fifth set for well over eight hours. Eight hours, people! That's more than an entire night's sleep for me. That's a whole workday. That's longer than a flight from New York to London. That ... would really, really suck to be there!

Have you ever been stuck at a long game?


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