Miami Dolphins Fan Pulls a Goldilock Stunt to Get Close to Player

Miami Dolphins fanSome of the things fans have done in the name of getting close to their favorite sports star are legendary. But the guy who pulled a Goldilocks on former Miami Dolphins defensive end Adewale Ogunleye's South Beach condo has officially raised the bar. If creeps, er, sports junkies want to get a star's attention, they're going to have to top this. 

Daniel Anaya, who worked for Ogunleye's condo association, was allegedly found crashing in the player's pad. He was using his shower, sleeping in his bed, and eating his cake! Now Anaya is facing legal troubles for the alleged stunt.


Next time he wants to catch the eye of his favorite player, might we suggest one of these crazy but LEGAL options instead?

1. Marriage Proposals. As the rest of the world celebrated USA Women's Soccer by hanging flags and pulling out their balls for a backyard game, 27 different men hopped on striker Alex Morgan's Facebook to ask for her hand in marriage. Because nothing beats the romance of offering to enter a polygamous relationship with you AND Hope Solo.

2. Turning Your Head into a Basketball. Only feasible if you also scrawl the official David Stein logo on your cheek and wrap a hoop around your shoulders. Bonus points if you let the players use your head in practice.

3. Old-fashioned Stalking. But that's not legal? Well, not in MOST cases (think creepy Albrecht Stromeyer who was jailed for stalking Venus Williams). But it worked for Stacey Bernice Saunders, the woman who convinced NFL star Chris Chambers to LEAVE HIS WIFE for her.

rays fan4. Outrageous Outfits. With giant blue hair and weird glasses, there's no doubt your hero will notice you ... and steer a wiiiiiiiide berth.

5. Tattoos. The mark of a superfan will live on eternally if you put it on your body. Like the guy who has LeBron James' face on his leg now ... and until he is as fed up with him as the entire Miami Heat fanbase.

Have you ever pulled a superfan stunt? Or do these folks leave you shaking your head?

Images via Free-ers/Flickr; Tony the Misfit/Flickr

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