San Francisco Giants Pouted About White House Visit

brian wilson president barack obamaYou might not guess it from their jovial get-together with President Obama yesterday, but the 2010 World Series winning San Francisco Giants were -- at least, initially -- all sorts of cranky about going to visit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Apparently, it was supposed to an "off" day, and they were annoyed that the original meeting had been postponed ... because, oh, drr! The original date was the weekend that Osama bin Laden guy had to be killed, and the President was just a little bit tied up finalizing that operation.

But whatever. Some of the baseball players want their free time (gosh durnit!) and weren't exactly jumping from the rooftops when they heard that they'd have their face-to-face with Barry rescheduled for July 25. In fact, when asked if he was looking forward to meeting Obama, infielder Jeff Keppinger said, "Uh ... well, sure." D'oh!


Visiting Obama yesterday was especially tricky, I guess, because they had to do an overnight flight from San Fran, and today's the start of a three-game National League Championship Series rematch in Philly. So, travel plans were sort of a pain in the butt.

But come on -- it's a tradition for the World Series champs to meet the President, and these ninnies needed to just suck it up!

In the end, it sounds like that's precisely what the whiners did, and they all had a blast anyway. Obama got to comment on how they're a bunch of kooky, colorful "characters with character" -- especially that Brian Wilson with the beard. (OMG, what is with that guy?!) And the Giants got their moment in the sun in our nation's capital. Just the moment when Obama said he fears Wilson's beard must have made the trip well-worth all that hassle, doncha think?

Do you think it was silly for the team to be griping about spending their "off" day meeting the President?

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