Tour de France Cyclist Punches Rude Spectator in the Face (VIDEO)

alberto contadorI'm not typically one to come to the defense of athletes, as I often find them to be rude, short-tempered, pompous, and all around obnoxious, but in the case of Alberto Contador punching a spectator in the face during the Tour de France, I'm Team Contador all the way.

At Friday's race, during a particularly grueling hill-climbing portion, a man dressed like a doctor, wearing scrubs, a surgical mask, and holding a stethoscope, jogged alongside Contador. It's not uncommon for spectators to run alongside cyclists during mountain portions of the race, as you'll see in the video below, but this guy was straight-up heckling. In short: He was cruisin' for a brusin'.


It's safe to assume, as Contador clearly did, that the heckler's doctor get-up was some sort of reference to the cyclist's 2010 positive testing for the banned substance, clenbuterol. (He was allowed to race because the Spanish cycling federation accepted his argument that he had unwittingly ingested the substance by eating tainted beef -- not sure if I'm buying that, but whatevs.) But regardless of Contador's dirtbag past, getting in his face like that to make fun during a race is not cool.

How was the guy supposed to ride with some yahoo all up in his grill like that? He was this close to Contador while he was racing. What else was Contador supposed to do? It certainly didn't look like the guy was going anywhere, so a shot to the jaw it was. As I said, he was asking for it.

It takes a lot for me to stick up for an athlete -- especially one that punches a fan in the face -- but I've gotta say, in this particular case, the fan was definitely more obnoxious than the athlete.

Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Do you think Contador was right to punch this fan?


Image via Roz Jones/Flickr

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