Netflix Fans Flee and We Know Where They’re Going!

netflixWell, well, well, what do we have here? Customers are dropping Netflix like a bad habit after they greedily hiked their membership fees up 60 percent. Last night the DVD company's shares dropped 10.2 percent. Numbers, numbers, numbers, statistics, statistics, statistics, looks like our predictions were right after all. Heh. The Stir 1, Netflix 0.

Truth be told, I used be a Netflix customer myself. We parted ways over a year ago when I up and moved from California to New York. I loved having it, but I rarely used it. My husband wanted to ditch it months before we did, but like Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger, I couldn't quit it.


I think the problem was we didn't maintain our list properly. We had the plan that lets you have two DVDs at a time, and for some reason, it always seemed like we were saddled with some boring documentary and an artsy foreign film. And we were rarely in the mood to watch either. I guess we thought we were fancier than we are. So we always wound up watching whatever was on TV, buying something off On Demand, or hitting up a Red Box. And when we hit up a Red Box, it was awesome.

We would pile in the car, sometimes with our dog, head over to the grocery store, which housed the Red Box, stock up on popcorn, candy, and other movie treats, and come home for the movie event. And that's what it was -- an event. We actually had to leave our house and put a little time into choosing a movie instead of just mindlessly ripping open a red envelope and popping in whatever DVD lay inside.

I guess what I'm trying to say here, in a really roundabout way, is: Long live Blockbuster (and Red Box, and any other place that requires us to leave our house to pick up a movie). It makes it more fun, no? You get to be a little excited about what you're about to watch on the drive home, and it's something you're definitely in the mood to see since you, you know, just picked it up and all.

Hopefully, all these people canceling their Netflix accounts will start going to Blockbuster again, and new life will be breathed into the dying yellow and blue store. And then, in a few months when Blockbuster raises their prices because of all the demand they have, we can cancel our memberships there and go back to Netflix. It's the circle of life.

Do you like Blockbuster Video better than Netflix (wow, what a difference!)?


Image via Global X/Flickr

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