You Should Be More Afraid of Hackers Than Burglars

keyboardA California man was just sentenced to four years in jail for hacking into girls' Facebook accounts. He used the information gleaned from their profiles to figure out their email address and password, and trolled their sent mail for any illicit photos the girls may have sent over time. He was charged with computer intrusion, false impersonation, and possession of child pornography. Ew.

Four years may seem a little steep for this kind of offense, considering some violent crimes don't entail as much jail time, but I think it sets a good precedent. Intruding into our computers is just as bad as intruding into our homes.


I would feel extremely violated if my email and Facebook were hacked. And I'm not talking about "How to get a free iPad" hacked, but legitimately taken over by a dude with malintent, who cruises through my stuff and steals private things from me. Granted, he would be bored to tears with my sent mailbox (most recently there's a string about overpriced rafts), but that's not the point.

A thief is a thief. But there are things we can do. We lock our doors at night and we don't hide the key under the mat, right? So make sure your Facebook and email passwords aren't easy to figure out or, on the other hand, easy to find. There's a bevy of great tips on how to do so, so I'm going to pretend I'm your mom for a second and demand that you read up on how to protect yourself online.

But maybe something else you'll want to consider is the amount of naked pics you have lying around in your sent mail. Might want to reign those in, you sex kitten you. It's great you want to send them (I guess) but who knows who'll be looking at them. It could be George Bronk, after all. Oh, he's the guy that was sentenced for this crime.

Are you more worried about hackers or burglars?

Photo via DeclanTM/Flickr

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