Facebook-Style Cancer Site Helps Survivors Find Friends

ihadcancer.comThe popularity or user-friendliness of Google+ may still be up in the air, but Facebook still has competition coming at it from all directions. There's a new social network that's getting a lot of buzz, and although it's aimed at a special community, I think it has a shot at changing everything. The site, called I Had Cancer, is a new resource for cancer patients, survivors, and friends and family who are supporters. The site officially launches tomorrow, but it's already making quite the impression.

I especially love that it was founded partially by a woman named Mailet Lopez, who is a survivor of breast cancer and started out wanting to create a blog for other cancer survivors. But I guess she realized that having additional options for community interaction would be best, and thus, I Have Cancer was born!


Now, it's primed to be a targeted Facebook-style site where survivors, family members, and patients can create profiles, share their stories, and help one another. Users can also search by location, cancer type, year diagnosed, age, or gender, or log onto discussion boards filled with Q&As. Brilliant!

I love that they've focused on a particular community here that really could benefit from having their own thriving online community. No, social networks for cancer patients and their loved ones aren't a completely new concept, but given how much it sounds like it will have to offer, I Had Cancer could be the best one yet.

Pretty soon, there could be social networks specifically geared to all different types of communities. And, actually, on second thought -- this kind of site isn't even directly competing with Facebook. You know, we don't go on Facebook to make new friends usually, just to interact with existing ones. But what's been missing from the web has been a place that's meant for making platonic connections, friendships based on mutual support or dialogue about shared interests or experiences. With hope, more sites like I Had Cancer will begin to fill that void.

What do you think about IHadCancer.com and the possible creation of other sites like it?


Image via IHadCancer.com

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