NFL Star Jay Cutler's Wedding Registry Isn't as Crazy as You Think

knife set jay cutler kristincavallariChicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is known for being somewhat of a prima donna, and now he's engaged to marry a Laguna Beach princess, Kristin Cavallari, so I guess it comes as no surprise that these two are registered at high-end home goods stores, Williams-Sonoma and Crate & Barrel. (BB&B must be too bottom barrel for these kids!) But it's a little disconcerting that the athlete, who recently signed a contract worth nearly $50 million, thinks it's appropriate to register for a $2,799.95 knife set (regularly valued at $4,350) or $430 copper stock pan.

Still, overall, most of the items on the registries are pretty modest. Like, they want a set of six buffet plates for $27.97, insulated cookie sheets for $16.95, and a large gravy boat for $5.95. And of course, they're just a couple who happens to make a lot of money, so why should that mean they can't ask their guests for pie dishes and rolling pins galore?


All I'm saying is that when you do make that much money for throwing a ball around, you can probably afford to buy your own ridiculously priced knife set or stock pan. Otherwise, if you're going to ask your guests to spend money on your wedding, maybe you could ask for donations to a charity -- at least in addition or as an alternative to the kitchen items Kristin wants. (Because let's be real. If it was up to Jay, they'd be registered for a solid gold football statue or something.)

Maybe I'm jumping the gun. Cutler has done a lot of charity -- working with young people who have developmental disabilities through Vanderbilt's "Best Buddies" program, and he also heads up the Jay Cutler Foundation, which helps at-risk young overcome diabetes and graduate high school. I don't know, maybe he plans to weave some of this philanthropic work into his and Kristin's wedding wishes. I hope so! After all, it might not be the traditional thing to do, but for this mega-successful football player, it would be the right thing to do.

What do you think about Jay and Kristin's wedding registry?


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