Snobby Google Brings Out Your Inner Loser

loserYou may not have consciously realized this, but Google and all their little (read: gigantic) projects are the cool kids of the Internet world. Kind of like Apple is in the computer world. (Whether you agree with this or not, PC users, you must admit, it's definitely marketed this way.) Part, a big part, of the reason Google has managed to secure the top spot in the hipsterville pecking order, and an incomprehensible amount of cash, is because they've mastered the art of awakening the 9-year-old loser in all of us who typically lies dormant. Their projects, like Gmail and Google+, were launched on an invite-only basis.

Now, despite the obvious fact that Google is a world-dominating juggernaut not to be trifled with, are their parties, like most parties, actually lame after you get invited to them? Would you have been better off watching Law and Order reruns in your sweatpants?


This Googlephile is split down the middle. My experiences with Gmail and Google+ thus far have been completely different. I'll explain.

When Gmail first came out, I was working on a TV show in Los Angeles. A gadget-obsessed colleague of mine was the first person I knew with an invite. Remember, in the beginning, each person only got, like, five invitations or something. He wouldn't shut up about how amazing Gmail was. (At the time, I was using Excite, which now seems like something a caveman would use.) He described each feature daily, in painstaking detail. And he was a cool dude. Eventually my interest was seriously piqued.

After a week or so, he sent me an email, swell guy that he is. I was one of the first people in my group of friends with an account and it was pretty awesome. Not only because I had something they didn't, but because it literally revolutionized email. I could organize things, search things, never delete things. To this day, there's nothing like it.

I wish I could say the same for Google+.

My experience with it so far has been lackluster. I'll admit when I didn't get an invite the first few days after it debuted, my inner 9-year-old was starting to grow restless. I didn't necessarily want to go to the party, but I wanted to be invited. Then I was by an old friend I hadn't heard from in a while. So far? Meh. I find it sort of confusing and, most of all, just not as good as Facebook.

So, back to my original question regarding Google and their super exclusive parties: Are they worth it? I'm going to have to go with a categorical yes for Gmail and a regular yes for Google+. Because isn't being bored at a party better than sitting at home, thinking you're missing out?

What do you think of Google and all their invites?


Image via choking sun/Flickr

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