One Whiny Groupon User Might Ruin It for Everyone

groupon nordstrom rackSome people just can't seem to accept responsibility for their screw-ups. A group of complainers is now suing Internet deal giant Groupon over the expiration dates on its coupons. They're arguing that the mark-downs should be considered gift certificates instead of coupons, and a guy named Adam Dremak from the Chicago area is seeking an injunction to prevent Groupon from selling anymore deals in the meantime.

Dremak sounds like a whiny baby. See, he bought a Nordstrom Rack voucher ($25 for $50 worth of merch) late last year. I remember that one. I got it, too, cuz Nordie's Rack is the BOMB. Anyway. I remember that Groupon went on sale in October or November and expired December 31, 2010.


In other words, you had until New Year's Eve to use it, or you wouldn't get $50 worth of merchandise. Duh. I almost flaked, and somewhere around December 30, I found myself in a reeeeeeallly long line with a couple of tops I wasn't even that psyched about buying, but there was nothing else since their selection had been WAY picked over for the holidays. Apparently, Dremak was even more of a procrastinator than I am, because he failed to use his Groupon before December 31. And now he's annoyed and is siccing his lawyers on the company. How DARE they put an expiration date on a -- gasp! -- coupon. 

Okay, to be fair, I do get where the guy's coming from. It stinks to pay for a Groupon you don't end up using. And if you've paid for it, then it's not quite a coupon, right? It's kind of a gift certificate. Gray area ... hrrmmmm. But in the end, you're buying a deal, it's a discount, it's a Groupon -- with an expiration date, which never seems all that unreasonable (sometimes you have a whole YEAR to use it!). And Groupon's policy is reasonable, too: Their coupons can be redeemed for face value after the expiration date has lapsed. For example, if you missed the December 31 cutoff for that Nordstrom one, you could still get $25 worth of merch -- just not $50.

If you truly wanted to take advantage of the real deal, you would have made it happen. It's not Groupon's fault this guy and countless other people buy Groupons and forget about them. The company even sends you friendly reminders via email to "Go use your Groupons!" Sheesh! If that's not enough, then stop buying the flippin' things, and just stick to the 20 percent off Bed Bath & Beyond ones that you can use until the end of time.

Do you think it's fair for Groupons to have expiration dates?


Image via Groupon/Flickr

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