Young Baseball Fan Shows Kindness Beats Winning (VIDEO)

arizona diamondbacks kid ballI know that catching a ball from the stands always a huge exciting moment for lots of fans, but it feels like this is the first summer so many people are actually putting their lives at risk for it, fighting women, pouting, or throwing temper tantrums over it. Case in point: When Rickie Weeks tossed a ball to a young Brewers fan last night, he missed it. The ball was then picked up by an usher and handed to a slightly older boy who is an Arizona Diamondbacks fan. The kid, whose name is Ian got really excited about the ball, as of course any kid -- or, who am I kidding, adult, too! -- would. But this left the first kid, Nicholas, in super duper crocodile tears! Poor little guy. 

That was until Ian actually walked over and gave Nicholas the ball. WOW! What an amazing kid! Can you believe it?! I can't. Sheesh, especially after the way most grown-ups when it comes to catching a ball from the stands.


As the announcers said, it was a really mature, stand-up, classy move Ian made, and he certainly deserved more than a pat on the back. (Even though, yes, being kind in itself should be a reward, but meh, maybe something special will reinforce how kindness has all sorts of payoffs?) Thankfully, both kids were rewarded post-game. Both boys and their friends were invited to the broadcast booth after the game, and Ian was given an autographed bat.

Here, you can watch a video of the incident ...

How adorable is that?? I feel like my faith in humanity has almost been restored.

What do you think about what this little Arizona Diamondbacks fan did?



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