Tiger Woods Fires Loyal Caddie & Loses His Only Friend

tiger woodsOne of the few constants throughout Tiger Woods' mess of a life the past year and a half has been his caddy of 12 years, Steve Williams. Much more than colleagues, Williams and Woods were close friends. Each was in the other's wedding; Tiger took an interest in Williams' hobby of race car driving; he even played the New Zealand Open as a favor to Williams. So, as one would imagine, Williams was completely shocked when he was abruptly fired two weeks ago.

Giving the nauseatingly generic "it's time for a change" excuse, Woods just posted the news to his website, while Williams posted the message, "Needless to say, this came as a shock" to his.

I feel badly for Williams. He seems like a good guy, always stuck up for Tiger, and never spilt an ounce of gossip about him during the height of the scandal. I'm just wondering, how will his scruples be now?


Beyond being a good guy, Williams was fiercely loyal to Woods. He's punched and thrown cameras aimed at the golfer, and he waited -- not working -- while Woods sat out due to his scandal and rehabilitation for his leg.

It seems like Tiger's lost it a bit during the last few months. No sympathy here, but understandably so. Since news of his extramarital affairs broke, he's lost four sponsors, changed swing coaches, divorced his wife, and now this. Is he trying to start over? Does he want a blank slate? It wouldn't be all that odd since that's what people tend to do when their world comes crumbling down, but keeping the supportive people around would be a good idea.

Tiger fired Williams without much warning. He essentially ended a 12-year friendship just like that. Williams must be angry. How could he not be? Surely, tabloids and reporters will be approaching him, offering him lucrative deals for any information he can provide. Will he bite?

Despite the fact that I've never met the guy, my gut says no. Everything he's done in the past seems honest and good. And if he doesn't, it'll probably eat at Tiger more than if he did. Because he'll just be reminded that he lost a genuinely good friend.

What do you think of Tiger firing his caddie?


Image via familymwr/Flickr

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