Baseball Announcers Make Pouting Kid's Day (VIDEO)

Pouting Kid San Francisco GiantsNine times out of 10 when you're trying to watch a baseball game and the camera angle is stuck on the stands, it's time to change the channel. The announcers have found something that interests them and ONLY them. But fans who were watching the San Francisco Giants game on Comcast this week got a little something special -- a pouty little kid got a second chance at every baseball fan's dream ... and they had the Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area broadcasters to thank for it.


When a ball went flying into the stands in AT&T Park, it landed just in front of a dad hanging in the stands with his kids. Another fan scooped it up, and that would have been the end of it. But the pint-sized fan who was thisclose to where the ball landed settled back in his seat, crossed his arms across his chest, and stuck out his lower lip in full pout mode. Typical kid, he missed out on the ultimate fan moment, and he was pissed.

But watching the whole thing go down, you had to feel bad for the dad. How could he enjoy the game while his little boy was verging on tantrum time? Ooh man, I've been there. Sooooo been there. Everything's fine and dandy and suddenly your kid suffers a disappointment ... and the world ends. Or at least, your fun does.

Ah, but the announcers, those eyes in the sky, came to Dad's rescue, sending someone with a ball in hand to give to the little boy. While the web is serving up a hearty helping of nasty for the announcers, saying they just taught the kid that being a brat is the best way to get ahead, I'd like to send them a hug and a kiss. Kids are kids. They're still learning how to deal with their feelings. And parents could always use a little sympathy from understanding folks -- even baseball broadcasters.

Catching a ball in the stands is pretty much the next best thing a kid can think of ... besides getting to take in a real Major League game in a real Major League ballpark. I love that these announcers got that. Watch them in action and let us know if you think think they did the right thing:

Image via YouTube

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