Google+ Picked the Wrong Celebrity to Mess With

william shatnerNo one's really sure how to use Google+ yet. Most of us attempt to navigate it for two seconds at a time, then go on to trusty ol' Facebook to write a status about how we can't figure Google+ out. Yet, Google is practically salivating for celebs to jump on board and publicize the heck out of the 3-week-old social network. Get this! They even have a "celebrity acquisition plan" (bhahahaha -- that just sounds so silly, you know?). It sounds like they're sort of hoping to do what Twitter did with the little "verified" blue check mark at the top of every legit celeb's Twitter account. Somehow, Google would verify the identities of public figures/celebs who sign up for Plus, and they're sure this will raise their street -- I mean web -- cred.

Sure, it's an admirable cause, but it sounds like they're already off to a bumpy start, having shut down William Shatner's Google+ account a couple of days ago.


(Probably because they couldn't verify that it was really him.) His account has since been reinstated, so at least they don't have to worry about the Travelocity guy giving them a bad review. 

But you know, it doesn't really matter if Shatner, or Gaga, or President Obama is on Google+ at this point. I'm sure it would make some people stop and think (for 0.5 seconds), "Oh, that's cool." But none of us regular people even really know what we're doing on there, so who cares?! We don't really even know what it's good for versus Twitter or Facebook, and if we already follow those celebs on those sites, then what will their presence on Google+ actually add? Nothing. 

Seems to me like Google would be wise to just let their new baby learn how to walk before they bring in the big name babysitters.

What do you think?


Image via Greg Hernandez/Flickr

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