Baseball Star Evan Longoria Wants Alex Morgan to Ditch Her Boyfriend

evan longoria tampa bay raysYesterday, the sports love buzz was all about golf cutie Rory McIlroy getting his social media flirt on with tennis star Catherine Wozniacki. Today? Tampa Bay Rays star third baseman Evan Longoria is making the news for trying to woo U.S. women's soccer player Alex Morgan via Twitter.

The first tweet was toats a playin'-it-safe invite to a group date: "@alexmorgan13 the TB Rays want to have you USA soccer girls out to throw out first pitches and chill at a game!"

Now, it's really no surprise that ANY of the Team USA players are getting so much attention from other hot athletes who are single and ready-to-mingle. Many of them, after all, are obviously eligible bachelorettes, and they're basically as A-list as you can get right now. 

But is TWITTER really the best way for these too-cool athletes to hook up? Come on now.  What happened to stars courting one another the old-fashioned way -- via their managers or publicists?!


You'd think that these athletes wouldn't exactly be the fame-whorin' types (cough like reality stars cough). That they'd be interested in conducting their hook-ups if not in a hush-hush way, at least a bit less PUBLICLY.

You know, it's really kind of cute that Longoria wants to get with Morgan. Maybe they'd make a cute couple ... that is, if Morgan wasn't already serious with Seattle Sounders rookie Servando Carrasco. (They've been together for four years.) But sadly, Longoria didn't do his research, and thanks to the equivalent of John-Cusack-with-a-boombox-over-his-head tweets, everyone knows he was barking up the wrong tree. It's a little embarrassing!

But maybe I'm missing the point. Maybe it's actually a publicity stunt, a plea to get fans to see the "softer," "sweeter" side of baseball. After seeing Longoria get turned down by the famous soccer babe, Tampa Bay fans will take an even greater shine to him and their baseball team, buy more tickets, watch more games, etc. Who knows! But it's not like Twitter hasn't been used in even crazier ways!

Why do you think athletes are flirting with one another on Twitter?


Image via Ferguson/Flickr

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