Hope Solo & Abby Wambach Make Losing Look Fun (VIDEO)

Hope Solo Abby WambachI'll say this for the United States Women's National Soccer team. Hope Solo, Abby Wambach, and co. know how to make losing look like fun. They've really let their hair down and gone wild, showing up at TV show premieres, on David Letterman, and showing the world how to cope with coming thisclose to the gold only to lose it in the penalty kick round. If only we could all kick balls at New York City taxi cabs to let off steam when life gets rough!


Solo and Wambach, goalie and forward (respectively) on the team, took to the streets of Manhattan with Letterman at their side yesterday. As minivan-type cabs drove by them on a closed street with their side door wide open, the fleet-footed footballers booted the balls right at them, bouncing off most of the sides. But it looked like at least a few made it INTO the cabs. Let's go to the video for a closer look:

Go ahead, tell me that doesn't look like fun. I'd take that over a margarita for getting out the screamies any day. It seems everything the women have done since their heartbreaking loss on Sunday has proven they have come out all the better on the other end. They're having fun showing up on TV, on magazine covers (Hope grabbed the front page of Sports Illustrated), and being courted for starring roles in reality shows.

Keeping busy could just be a good way to keep their mind off the loss. But a better bet is they know how close Team USA came to the big win, and how incredible getting that far was. They aren't "losers" at all. No wonder they're having fun.

Do you love seeing these ladies out and about showing how to be a good loser?


Image via CBS

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