Hope Solo Shares Intimate Details About Her Life

Hope SoloEveryone is absolutely fascinated with U.S. Women's World Cup Soccer star Hope Solo. Those who don't want to marry her want to interview her (she's on David Letterman tonight), dance with her (she's being wooed for Dancing With the Stars), or just find out every single little detail about her.

We know all about Hope as a soccer player. She's an amazing goaltender, the best in her league, an undeniable beauty who loves to change the color of her hair, and we know how sportsmanlike she is. When her team lost to Japan, she said: "My heart goes out to Japan. We played an attacking style and they played their hearts out."

But what are some things we don't know about Hope Solo the Woman? Sports' new "It" girl revealed some details in a live chat on ESPN live today that fills in some of those mysterious blanks. We didn't know these things about her, did you?


1. Her favorite color is purple.

Well, it might not be her favorite favorite color. But it's certainly the color she prefers to wear in the net. Of her three uniform colors, she was wearing grey during her lucky game against Brazil. During that fateful loss against Japan, she was wearing yellow -- her least favorite color to wear. "Maybe that's where we went wrong," she joked.

2. She wasn't always that athletic.

Hope started playing goaltender as default. "In the women's game, they used to put the overweight kid in goal or kids who weren't that athletic. When I started playing, I was different." Failing any photo evidence, it's hard to say if she was big or slow or maybe both. Hope says she was an "all-round athlete" -- but she apparently wasn't born a superstar.

3. She's really shy.

Hard to imagine a woman whose job it is to stop torpedoes flying at you in one of the world's most aggressive sports as "shy," but Hope is endearingly so off the field. Let's pray she doesn't become extroverted and joins the cheesy, show-it-all, reality show circuit. She says: "People don't realize that I'm pretty introverted and keep to myself. I really appreciate my time and read a book. The book I traveled to Germany with is Happiness Is Bliss."


Image via JMRosenfeld/Flickr

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