Woman Nearly Cooks Herself in Bizarre Oven Planking Stunt (VIDEO)

plankingI love to lounge. On the couch, in bed, on a beach chair outside with a daiquiri in my left hand, I'm actually quite good at it. But no matter how much I enjoy the whole horizontal thing, you'll never catch me "planking" -- even in the name of posting a trendy photo or video on Facebook. Because, well, it's just plain stupid.

Exhibit A: The latest clip of a woman planking in her kitchen, attempting to use her oven door for balance. It doesn't take Einstein to guess what happens next. The oven door opens, she falls, and the whole heavy appliance collapses on top of her. The most ridiculous part? She actually tries to do it again after almost killing herself, until she gets it right! And she's laughing about it!

Um, excuse me, but did I miss the part where this is funny? Watch for yourself: 


Really, I want to know what ran through her mind when she decided to hold on to the oven door? Oh, this unstable object is perfect! Genius, really. I don't even want to think about what could have happened if the oven was actually on. Or, worse, if there was something baking in there!

Not to mention, it's pretty safe to assume that there are a lot of other dangerous things around the kitchen, making it a less-than-ideal location for a death-defying plank attempt. You know, like knives, hot stoves, those sorts of things. I wonder, would a pot of boiling water have stopped her?

I understand pulling stunts for the "wow" factor when you are actually with your friends. To this effect, I bungee jumped once at a theme park in Connecticut because someone told me they'd have to see it to believe it. But there's no WOW factor when it comes to posting planking photos on Facebook. There's no true experience to remember and I bet you 100 buckaroos it's nothing you'll tell your grandchildren about one day. You're lying there. Doing nothing.

The way I see it: She's lucky she didn't land the wrong way and cause permanent damage. Other than the damage she did to her ego, of course.

What do you think about planking?

Image via YouTube

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