Using Google Is Like Getting a Lobotomy

kid at computerI wish there was a study on how many Internet studies there have been. 'Cause it seems like a lot. The latest in "why the Internet is making you a really bad human" says that your memory is essentially atrophying because Google exists. In other words, why retain anything when you can just Google it?

We get it, scientists. The Internet sucks and we're all going to die mindless (real life), friendless, LOLing drones. But what about all the good stuff the Internet does?


As someone who would probably be unemployed if the Internet did not exist, I'll admit, I may be a scosh biased. But I really am getting sick and tired of all this nonsense on how the Internet is wrecking humanity. And aren't there more important things to be studying, Braniacs?

Like with all things in life, isn't the Internet what you make of it? If you make the decision to sit at home, perusing Facebook (while getting depressed because everybody's highlights reels seem so much better than the deep, dark, personal one you're comparing them to), then yeah, the Internet sucks. But if you make the decision to reconnect with old friends (you actually want to be in touch with), the Internet's a good thing.

Same goes for the "dumbing of humans" argument. If you're using the Internet to plagiarize your college essays, yes, it's a bad thing. If you're using the Internet strictly for the purpose of watching 227 reruns, again, bad. But if you're using it to learn about cool things that you otherwise wouldn't have learned about -- because it would have taken way too much effort to find out the old-fashioned way -- that's a good thing.

I've learned so much more through the Internet than I would have from newspapers and other "periodicals." Call me lazy, but the original way is far too much work for me. I wish I was the kind of person who would unwind at day's end with an encyclopedia or a history book, but I'm not. Truth be told, without the Internet, I'd probably just watch more TV. And that definitely would make me dumber (if you saw what I watch).

So, if Google zaps our memories a bit, I say who cares? Chances are, without it, we never would have known about the thing we were forgetting.

Do you use the Internet for good or evil?


Image via GoodNCrazy/Flickr

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