Tennis Star Caroline Wozniacki & Rory McIlroy Are a Perfect Match

caroline wozniackiAfter winning the U.S. Open last month, Rory McIlroy's personal life became big news. We were all clamouring for details on the golf champ's relationship with childhood sweetheart Holly Sweeney, the 20-year-old who seemed like his angel, his rock, and his biggest fan all rolled into one! Seems like their romance was way cuter than any story of young love you've ever seen on The CW. But now, reports are out that the two are dun-ZO. And although they're saying it was an amicable split, it sounds like there was a bit of a love triangle going on ... involving tennis world No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki.

Seems like McIlroy may have fallen for Wozniacki when he was a guest in the Royal Box at Wimbledon. The pair met just a few days later at Wladimir Klitschko's win over David Haye in Hamburg on July 2. Then, after exchanging flirty tweets, the two were most recently spotted having dinner together in London ... right after Rory made the split with Holly offish. Cheeky, as the Brits say!


As much as I'd like to say I feel bad for Holly and it seems crappy of Rory to ditch the young woman who has stood by his side and even opted out of standing by his side so as not to "distract" him, McIlroy and Wozniacki just make more sense.

Kind of like Maria Sharapova and her basketball player fiance, Sasha Vujacic. They probably see eye-to-eye, because they're both in the public eye as competitors. Holly will never completely understand what it's like to be under that kind of pressure, to have to travel so frequently, or to be considered a winner or a loser on a WORLD scale, all depending on how well you play that week. But Caroline will totally get it. In fact, Rory and Caroline probably have a lot in common. 

Who knows what the future will bring for these crazy kids, because hey, that's what they are. Even though they seem like larger-than-life as athletes, they really are just 21- and 22-year-olds. But if they do get together, I have a feeling Rory and Caroline could certainly be a sports world couple to be reckoned with.

What do you think about Rory and Caroline as a couple? Should athletes date athletes?

Image via Charlie Cowins/Flickr

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