Hang Out on Google+ if You Want to Meet a Man

google It doesn't matter that Google just launched their Google+ iPhone app, so the Internet giant's social networking site can go mobile. You're probably not on Google+ yet anyway, according to new statistics. But your husband/boyfriend/brother/father/gay BFF/male co-worker probably is. Why? Because they're male. And so far, males account for 74 percent of Google+ account holders. Women, it seems, just don't care that much about the new social networking site.

The numbers' source doesn't seem to have any kind of interesting theory as to why, but I do! It's simple: Men are BIG NERDS. Yep, they're more prone to be early adopter, loyal mega-fans of any given tech company. But they're especially excited by Google and any product from the company. (Apple seems to fall under the same umbrella for lots of guys.) Why?


Because, as one of my tech geek buddies explained, "Nerds like myself still dream of starting a tech company and having it take off in an incredibly short amount of time, like Google. It doesn't hurt that they do not give the appearance that they are solely in it for the money, but have made boatloads of it -- another thing men love!" All of this adds up to Google being like some guys' fave sports team.

For instance, if someone offered my boyfriend or his brother tix to a New Jersey Devils game, there's no doubt they'd go -- or at least try to, no questions asked. Similarly, if you give a guy access to a new Google product, he's going to sign up for it, to at least try it and test the waters.

Also, interestingly, most of the people who had it from the outset were men, too. Is it possible that they were the first to receive invites? Are Google employees SEXIST? Nah, that's not it, because I got mine from a Google employee early on. But what I would venture to guess is that they sent invites out to people who were most likely to jump on board right away and start playin' around, so they could get solid feedback.

I'm NOT saying women aren't as excited by new technology or just as brand loyal as men. We are! But I think we're a bit more discriminating, a little more skeptical, a bit more reserved about diving head first into a new social network. Most of the women I know who have been invited to join Google+ have lamented, "What is this? Another way I have to keep up with my friends?!" See, we take it seriously! We don't just sign up for something on a whim; once we do, we plan to actually be invested in it

That said, I have a feeling that if Google+ can prove its worth to both men and women, the mind-boggling gender gap and domination of the Google-lovin' nerds will be a fleeting phenomenon.

Why do you think more men are on Google+ than women right now?


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