Karma Finally Gets Rachel Uchitel: Two Down, One to Go

rachel uchitelLooks like Rachel Uchitel is finally getting what she deserves. And not just in the fact that she's 36 going on 48 with all that bad sun damage and sagging. That's good but not the only place to hit her. Karma has finally paid that pseudo-celebrity a visit in a BIG way, in probably the most devastating way it can to a woman of her caliber. In her wallet.

She was forced to return most of the $10 million hush money she was paid to keep details of her affair with Tiger Woods quiet. Because as we all know, she did anything but keep quiet. Oh technically she never mentioned his name on Celebrity Rehab. Does she honestly think everyone else is as dumb as she is and didn't know?


In a sort of ironic legal twist, Uchitel claims her lawyer Gloria Allred sold her out by convincing her into giving most of that $10 million back to Tiger, according to an exclusive report in TMZ. Tiger's lawyer was going to go after Uchitel for it anyway. So Allred apparently convinced her to give most of it back. But, then Uchitel found out that Allred still got HER legal fees out of the deal.

And, Uchitel, being the moral person that she is, didn't think that was fair. So she hired a malpractice lawyer, demanding Allred return what she was forced to give back -- or she'll sue her.

Allred, upstanding defender of women's rights that she is, told TMZ in two separate statements that A. She has always represented Uchitel's best interests ... but then later issued another that said B. She hasn't been involved in any negotiations with Tiger's lawyer in over a year, so in other words, she seems to be denying the whole return the hush money thing.

Fishy huh? Someone is backtracking. Oh this is going to get nasty, and it couldn't happen to two better people. Best case scenario: Uchitel loses her claim against Allred, but the court finds Allred's legal fees a violation and she has to give them back to Tiger, or she drops the check on the way to the bank, whatever. After all, karma already nailed Tiger good -- his reputation and his golf game are pretty much shit.

Let's just hope karma delivers some of its brilliant poetic justice to Allred next -- and fast.


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