10 Signs You're Addicted to Video Games

woman gaming smartphoneTake it for what it's worth, but a new survey (sponsored by Doritos) found that while 50 percent of men admit to frequent online gaming, an ASTONISHING 49 percent of women say they too are addicted to Internet games. Ha, go figure! The LADIES love them some Angry Birds and Words With Friends almost as much as men? Nooo way. (That's sarcasm, FYI.)

But what's actually shocking about the findings of this strange "study" is that the majority of women would rather play games on their smartphones or iPads than have sex. Hissa-WHAAAT? Wacky, right? Who ARE these crazy women who would rather get busy with their touch screen than their significant other?!

Got me thinking, maybe there are some red flags we should look out for when it comes to video game addiction. Total disinterest in sex being the top one! But here are nine other clues you might be a little too into gaming ... 

  1. You're suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome ... but curiously, you don't work a desk job.
  2. You're angrier about missing that DAMN PIG than your ... argh!! ... train stop. Whooops!
  3. You try to make TextTwist words out of codes you have to use in your daily paperwork on the job.
  4. You find yourself calculating the numeric value of every ... single ... word ... you see. Especially when you're bored. "Now, if that was a DW, I mean, double word, I'd score 48 points for GESTATIONAL! Sweet!" Cue your ob/gyn walking into the room and giving you a strange look.
  5. You dream about beating your boss in Hanging With Friends with a stellar game play strategy that doesn't actually exist.
  6. Or you dream you're actually a character hanging from a bunch of balloons. When you lose the game, you feel like you're falling, flailing around in bed, and waking/annoying your hubby.
  7. You fantasize about spending a night in ... with your PS3 or Wii, because you know it will always get turned on when you want it to. (Tee hee.)
  8. You're insanely tired and need an extra dose of melatonin before you go to bed at night, because you've confused your brain with all that blue light right before bedtime.  
  9. Your best friend calls you up and invites you to go shopping at a [insert your favorite designer, be it Coach, Kate Spade, Citizen jeans] sample sale, but you take a pass, 'cause you're too caught up in trying to build a Tiny Tower.

All joking aside, nothing beats a real live person to snuggle and be intimate with, right? Not EVEN beating someone in a multi-player virtual competition and getting the record high score! No, not at all.

What do you prefer: video games or sex?


Image via mangpages/Flickr

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