Hope Solo Would Be a Horrible Choice for 'DWTS'

hope soloNow that the women's World Cup is over, Hope Solo, goalie for the U.S. team, has got some spare time on her hands. What's she gonna do with it? Go on a vacay, or a "holiday" as the fancy folk call it? Use her newfound fame to inspire mini-female athletes across the country via speaking engagements or self-titled soccer soccer camp? Or join the cast of Dancing With the Stars, as dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy is desperately hope-ing?

Please, God, let her be lying by a pool somewhere with a fruity, high-caloric drink or signing the final papers for the Hope Solo Youth Girls Soccer Camp.


Hope is a bad ass. She's a nice girl, who also happens to be a fierce athlete with a ripped bod and a penchant for hair dye. All in all, she's the perfect role model for young girls. She's in that class of women who "redefine" what is sexy, what is feminine, what is strong, etc.

So, why must we take this woman -- this non-cookie cutter woman -- and put her on display in a short, tight, sparkly dress, so she can grind and gyrate to an instrumental version of "Bad Romance"? We have enough of those women already. And they're not exactly making strides for females in society.

Erin Andrews is another woman who comes to mind. Why did she have to do Dancing With the Stars? She's a pretty woman in a male-dominated field. I seriously doubt her parading around in skimpy clothes for a few weeks made her colleagues take her more seriously. And I don't think it inspired females hoping to break into the field of sports journalism either. Andrews, although a great dancer, just looked like your typical Hollywood starlet. Blonde, thin, and giggly.

But more insulting than the idea of Hope Solo on the ABC show is Chmerkovskiy's reasoning for wanting her as his partner. He told People, "I want somebody hot, I want somebody exciting, somebody passionate, and I'll do the rest."

What does "I'll do the rest" even mean? Does it mean he's going to turn Solo into one of his typical spray-tanned partners? Does it mean he's going to create some sort of fake sexual chemistry between them to inspire voters? And is his main criteria in a partner somebody who's "hot"? Maybe this would seem a little less vulgar if Chmerkovskiy at least said that he wanted somebody who was strong and athletic?

Only a little less, though. Hope, don't do it!

Do you think Hope Solo should do Dancing With the Stars?


Image via Friedemann Vogel/Getty

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